QMASTERARMS is a master shootist and combat gunsmith who is known throughout the Montana Flathead valley for his combat skill with revolver. QMASTERARMS is a federally licensed gunsmith (FFL).









He has several decades of experience with firearms, including as an invited semi-finalist for the US Olympic Game Pistol championship tryouts, where only the best competed, for the 1988 Summer Olympics of the XXIV Olympiad. Firearms industry character references, BATF special agent references and references from other high end gunsmiths and industry references available upon qualified request.

QMASTERARMS Apr 6, 2017, Witnessed By Range Manger And Owner. Ten Yards, 44 Mag Snub Nose Custom, 240 Grain Hornady Ammunition 70 rounds. Split Times 0.22 Second Per Round. Closing The Window To Where Each Round Goes Through Same Hole.  Tuned With Patent Pending Neutral Timing For Maximum Performance.

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