Lars Wood is a Cold War scientist who worked extensively with the DoD on AI neural networks, machine learning and supercomputing. He created the first large scale AI neural network DoD deployment. Lars founded and directed the GTE (Verizon) Advanced Machine Intelligence Laboratory, consisting of 25 scientists and engineers.


Lars was a DoD agency "goto" for solving the most intractable of challenges and written about in books for his novel discoveries, would brief GTE (and founder of Verizon) chairman of the board and CEO Chuck Lee on his laboratories progress solving the impossible. He rode to corporate meetings on the '57 Panhead chopper he built.

Originally in the USMC Platoon Leaders Class, he was forced to resign, receiving an honorable discharge, due to a car collision, which cost him a lung. The automobile accident was caused by an incompetent driver where he was a vehicle passenger. This event lead to a career as a scientist working on DoD Cold War challenges.

Following the Cold War Lars met his soulmate on a jet in first class to NYC, swept her off her feet and together they set off on a life of adventure first conducting novel independent research in quantum computing next working as contractors with the US military. Later they spent 10+ years in life sciences designing novel therapeutics.

Lars Wood is a USA ATF registered federally licensed gunsmith. He became an FFL gunsmith to support the second amendment to the constitution, which Lars asserts guarantees human inalienable rights. Anyone that would trade freedom for safety is neither free nor safe.


His gunsmith specialization is semi-auto pistol and Smith & Wesson revolver combat action tuning. His Smith & Wesson combat action tuning is called LARSX timing. LARSX timing allows the Smith & Wesson revolver to shoot double action at the highest speeds and with the maximum reliability. Lars performs FFL firearms transfers, contact him for pricing. He is a life member of the NRA and USPSA.

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Anon: A film about erasing digital identity, which Lars did for clients years before the film. Its not that people have something to hide, its they have nothing they want you to know. This began his work in the right to be forgotten, cryptocurrency and now the Affective Neuron AI. Unlike current AI, Affective Neuron is modeled after brain neurons. It is far more powerful than any current AI technology, which it targets.

Affective Neuron is a machine learning technology Lars and his wife invented. It learns by transducing human intuition and emotions. It is conditioned not trained, unbiased and learns real-time, continuously. Affective Neuron transduces engrams implementing human thoughts, enabling it to import complex human belief systems and memories.

Known to their friends as the real "Mr and Mrs Smith," Lars and his wife focus on changing the world. Toward this end the Affective Neuron target application is cryptocurrency AI: Unified full node mining. Unified Affective Neuron "Gunslinger" full node miner is implemented as a GaAs optoelectronic 4D multi-chip module, on a unique diamond dielectric micro self-cooled substrate subsidized to everyday people as smart phones are affordably subsidized today.

Affective Neuron revolutionizes cryptocurrency by greatly reducing the calculations required to validate transactions and calculate hashes. at 500 GHz speed (this equates to 6.5 million trillion hashes per second per module), low production cost, smart phone small size, low electrical power requirements, low temperature and extensive new AI countermeasures protecting itself from attacking AI.

Cryptocurrency has the potential to be the world equivalent to the US Constitution 2nd amendment, which guarantees all other inalienable human rights. Cryptocurrency is a technology to free, enable and lift up all people of the world from their dictatorial tyranny and poverty.


This is only achieved with full low cost and unified decentralization of cryptocurrency transaction validation and node processing. Current cryptocurrency technology can not achieve this due to flawed focus on software patches and separation of validation from the full nodes.

Cryptocurrency transactions are not peer to peer because the miner is the node transaction validation intermediary. This causes conflict because miners have different goals than those running full nodes.


The single solution is that the process of transaction validation must be unified with the nodes, made orders of magnitude more efficient and must be deployed in the form factor, cost and electrical power requirements of a smart phone so that everyone can be both a full node and a miner. Affective Neuron miner achieves this. Learn more about Affective Neuron unified node and cryptocurrency miner here.

Lars Wood does not use social networking. Social networking sites sell and control your personal information. If you use anything for free then you are the product. It's not that Lars has something to hide. Its that Lars has nothing he wants you to see. Contact Lars using the above form or leave a message at his drop box number.

The above video was created by a mate in the United Kingdom. It is the best video I have ever seen in support of the 2nd amendment. The theme throughout this excellent video is that bad things happen to people and unless something is done to stop it, it happens again. You can never depend on the government to protect you, they won't.

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